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SOFTPHONE supports businesses in the Digital Transformation

Softphone is a leading consultancy and software development company for Contact Centers. The firm boasts a 16-year experience in systems integration, an area in which it shines with connectors integrating Genesys platforms with numerous CRMs. These solutions, developed under the Smart Connectors brand, allow Contact Centers to manage all digital channels, simplify agents’ work and improve customer service quality. Softphone is a company with a global bent: located in Milan and London, where it relies on a partner company, the business has over 300 customers on six continents.

Considered a cost, Contact Centers are often neglected and underfunded; but in a world increasingly touched by Digital Transformation, they certainly cannot lag behind. Therefore, since its foundation, Softphone has considered Customer Experience’s evolution as its focus: connectors can and are meant to be its driving force. Thanks to the support of all digital channels in a single interface and the exchange of data between Genesys platforms and CRMs, connectors enable the Digital Transformation within these environments. - www.softphone.it