Call Center Implementation

Softphone services are centered around the Genesys ecosystem starting with Business Process Analysis followed by traditional implementation support like Installation, configuration, Integration and development. Audiocodes & Lync expertise ensure full access to the VoIP world.

Application Development

With more than ten years of experience in Genesys SDK we can develop add-ons that enable Contact Centers to extend the reach to mobile contexts, improve the service quality, and monitor to ensure best-in-class delivery.


Softphone contributions include development of training courses for Genesys University like SIP Server Intallation & Configuration and Gplus Adapter for Siebel CRM. Our instructors deliver these courses as well as highly technical training on topics like: SIP 8.1 Foundations, "Framework , Routing & reporting 8.5 Foundations", GVP 8.5 Foundations, e-Services 8.1 Foundations, Informart 8.1 Deployment, Genesys Interactive Insight...