SIP Voice Recorder

The “pure” Sofware SIP Voice Recorder

The SIPVR is a pure software SIP based voi­ce recording solution. The SIPVR enables voice recording for most of the VoIP solutions in the market: Genesys SIP Server, Avaya, Alcatel, Cisco, Ericsson, Siemens, Nortel and Asterisk.

The SIP Voice Recorder is a modular solution composed by 3 different modules: the Recorder, responsible for the RTP stream recording and its storing as .wav or .mp3 files; the Activator for on start of call recording (automa­tic recording) and DBMS storing of call data (ANI, DNIS, AgentID, Attach Data etc…); the SIPVR GUI to enable advanced search and playback of the recorded files (a Web 2.0 GWT application).

SIPVR & Genesys

The SIPVR is the “out of the box” recording ap­plication for the Genesys SIP Server Solution. Customers can choose between the “native” re­cording solution provided by Genesys (SIP Server/ Stream Manager) or the SIPVR recording mecha­nism provided by the “Recorder” module.

Both the solutions are fully integrated in the Genesys platform: configuration and authentication are en­forced by Genesys CME. Using the “Recorder” mo­dule allows recording in the heterogeneous en­vironment: multisite SIP/TServer enabling customers to record on all sites.

The Recor­der module also enables recorded file compres­sion and/or encryption. Recorded files may be sent as email attachments or email notifications can be sent to users when a voice file is recorded.


The SIPVR voice recorder offers all the re­cording features provided by the traditional recording system along with the great benefits offered by a pure software solution. Avoiding expensive proprietary hardware makes the SIPVR really cost-effective, scalable, and easy to deploy.

  •     Wav or Mp3 recording file format
  •     Supported codec: PCMU and PCMA
  •     Advanced files search using call metadata stored on DBMS
  •     Word spotter solution for Speech Analytics
  •     Support for Recording load balance
  •     Email integration: recorded files can be attached to emails; recorded files notification by email
  •     Advanced archiving features
  •     Web 2.0 GUI for search and playback of the recor­ded files
  •     Recording channels monitoring Web 2.0 GUI
  •     On demand or automatic recording

Supported Systems

Operating Systems: Unix, Linux, Windows

Databases: Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, JavaDB