SAP connector for PureCloud

The SAP  Connector for PureCloud integrates the Genesys PureCloud Solution with the SAP  CRM.  Via a simple click contact center agents can access customer relationship data and hence provide for a more informed service, make more informed decisions, and ultimately increase the productivity of the agent and the satisfaction of the customer.

The connector leverages call data to access the right SAP  information whether an account, a contact, or a case.  The information can be visualized via SAP  forms and views.  The information is rapidly retrieved and supports the agent as soon as the call is assigned.

For outbound voice contacts, the adapter offers the ability to dial from a SAP  form and initiate via a click-to-dial feature via the PureCloud widget.

PureCloud is embedded inside SAP  so is always visible and accessible whatever interaction is managed by the agent or whatever SAP  screen or view is opened.

Multiple interactions can be managed both in PureCloud and in SAP.

Main features and functionality

  • The adapter integrates SAP CRM with the PureCloud Embeddable Framework thus allowing customer relationship services to be leveraged in the multi-channel contact center.
  • The agent is able to access in real-time the appropriate customer data via the call attach data.  Weather a service call or a sales call the customer data will be available to ensure prompt and efficient service.
  • Widgets can be devised to retrieve and present the information as needed
  • Initiate outbound calls with full support of customer relationship information.
  • Use cases fully customizable using simple JS coding (and/or SAP ABAP)

Use Cases


Demo Video