WWE Connector for Microsoft Dynamics

Genesys Workspace Web Edition integration for Microsoft Dynamics (On premise and 365)

Today, companies expect their customer service solutions to integrate into their CRM systems without expensive customization work. They require seamless integration that gives their contact center full visibility into customer data contained in Dynamics, without extensive effort and cost. Yet, their own internal structure can make this difficult, since Genesys and Microsoft solutions are typically managed by two different teams and cost centers.

The Genesys Workspace Web Edition (WWE) Connector eliminates the extensive Microsoft Dynamics work usually required to customize the connection between the CRM and contact center. Keeping as much of the customization as possible within the WWE Connector’s scripting module reduces the total cost of the integration and allows the business to maintain control in Genesys instead of in the CRM.

The WWE Connector makes CRM a service for the contact center, allowing the CRM to control the external toolbar and WWE to control Dynamics. With the WWE Connector, caller data from the CRM is attached to service and sales calls in real time, so agents have the information they need to efficiently provide first call resolution.

As part of the Genesys Professional Services asset portfolio, the WWE Connector expands the footprint of Genesys Workspace, allowing it to interact with the Microsoft Dynamics desktop and enhance agent productivity by providing screen pop, case transfer and click-to-dial functionality.



The WWE Connector integrates Microsoft Dynamics CRM with WWE to allow customer relationship services to be leveraged in the multichannel contact center.

The agent is able to access the appropriate customer data in real time via the caller attached data. Whether it is a service call or sales call, the customer data ensures prompt and efficient service.

Widgets can be devised to retrieve and present the information as required.

Outbound calls are initiated with full support of customer relationship information.

  • Multichannel ready
  • Just one window for the agent (to manage both the applications at the same time)
  • Multiple MSFT CRM sessions allowed (one per Interaction)
  • Keep Alive Protocol between WWE and MSFT Dynamics sessions
  • EventHandler processing (screen pop based on CLI or attached data)
  • Command Processing (from MSFT Dynamics): Dial Call/Attach Data
  • Multi-Interaction management (rely on the agent capacity rule): each interaction opened in a different tab

Supported Systems

Genesys WWE

Microsoft Dynamics: 2013 and above (both on line and on premise) and Dynamics 365.

Browser: Chrome